We empower our students with a collection of four program units:



College Access Mentoring supports students in preparing for college, beginning at the end of 10th grade. Acceptance in our program early in high school removes students' fear of not knowing how to pay for college and instills the confidence to continue towards the goal of a college degree.

High school students have a Triple-A progress plan:

Achieve - Students are encouraged to excel in school with rigorous college preparatory coursework.
Apply - We support high school seniors with the task of applying to college and for financial aid.

Accept - Our exceptional students are often in the position to choose from multiple college admission announcements, each with grant and scholarship awards offered as recruitment tools. We help students review and understand college admission letters so that they can select the college that is the best for them.
*Accept - Admission
*Accept - Awards


Financial Aid Advocacy: Getting accepted into college is only the first step, funding that education is a complicated process. Financial aid funding is not rare or hard to obtain, but especially for first-generation college students, the process of applying for aid can appear indecipherable.
Our financial aid advocacy supports students to carefully maximize grant funding. We ensure our students entire time in college is fully funded. With financial aid advocacy, Future Sacramento is more effective in fully funding students' educations.
Financial aid advocacy increases students' funding resources and improves financial literacy. Our scholarship awardees have accepted over $2,000,000 in financial aid grants and other scholarships.


Our Resource Backed Scholarship is more effective in helping students persist to graduation.

Our scholarship considers both demonstrated Financial-Need and Merit. Students must earn the opportunity for funding through program participation, academic achievement, and admission to an undergraduate, baccalaureate degree granting college.

The amount of each award is needs-based. To administer scholarships, our funding is granted towards remaining need after financial aid is maximized. We work with each student to carefully determine financial need and calculate individualized award amounts. Our scholarship aims to reduce or eliminate student loan debt. Scholarship amounts are verified and distributed in term payments directly to the university.


Renewable for up to five years, our scholarship provides consistent and reliable funding.

Unlike a one-time, first year award - we  meet our students' financial need throughout college.

A unique long-term connection is developed with each scholarship recipient. Our mentoring also renews through college - continuing to ensure students are supported through transitions as they navigate school and persist to graduation.

Our students also learn money management and the importance of responsible financial stewardship.

The Future Foundation of Sacramento, Inc. (Future Sacramento) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.