Large Local Need

Since 2007, we have received over 3,000 applications from local students who need scholarship funding. Many of our applicants meet all of the 5 basic criteria for our program, including significant financial need.

Eliminate Fear of the Cost of College

Our outreach to younger students aims to dispels the mystery about the high cost of college and inform young students that funding is available. Awarding scholarships during 10th grade eliminates the fear of not knowing how to pay for college. We want students to keep college as a goal and to keep working towards college admission by continuing to challenge themselves with rigorous coursework and aim to complete high school as a college-ready graduate.

Raise Awareness of free funding for college

Each year, we continue to provide extensive outreach to raise awareness to 10th grade students that college is an option and both scholarship funding and financial aid are available. For many students, our scholarship application is an introduction into the process of applying for funding support. Our application guides students in collecting necessary documentation, providing practice similar to verification required for college financial aid applications. Students also need to request letters of recommendation and draft personal essays, an important skill for college applications and content for building scholarship portfolios.

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