The mission of Future Sacramento is to provide volunteer mentoring and scholarship funding to local financially-qualified students in support of their college education.


The Future Foundation of Sacramento, Inc. (Future Sacramento) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

    • With only one staff person, Future Sacramento operates thanks to a volunteer Board of Directors, additional volunteers and program supporters.
    • Donations stay local – only Sacramento area recipients are eligible.



In 2010, our first scholarship awardees began college - after completing their high school mentoring term. Annually, Future Sacramento provides mentoring to an average of 8 high school candidates and 20 college recipients. Since 2010, we have:

  • Awarded over 100 annual scholarships to local students
  • Provided more than $625,000 in scholarship funding
  • Advocated for our students to receive more than $2,000,000 from financial aid grants and other scholarships.

Future Sacramento values are to:

  • Incentivize college education for local first-generation college students and their families.
  • Break down barriers to higher education, opening opportunities for professional careers.
  • Meet financial need of local students and their families.


Future Sacramento is more than a scholarship program.

  • mentoring begins the summer after students' 10th grade year
  • help students apply to and enroll in the university of their choice.
  • advocate for students to receive all financial aid for which they are eligible, before providing scholarship funding for remaining need.
  • renewable scholarships for up to five years in college.
  • students learn money management and the importance of responsible financial stewardship.