Future Sacramento is more than a scholarship program.

Beyond scholarship awards, we empower our students with necessary resources. This approach makes our scholarship more effective.

High School Mentoring

Future Sacramento mentoring supports students in preparing for, applying to, and persisting in college until they graduate with their college degree. Mentoring begins in 10th grade and continues through college - ensuring students are well supported for the transition and navigating how to persist to graduation. Acceptance early in high school removes students' fear of not knowing how to pay for college and instills the confidence to continue towards the goal of a college degree.

Financial Aid Advocacy

Getting accepted into college is only the first step, funding that education is a complicated process. Our extensive financial aid advocacy supports students through the esoteric process of financial aid to carefully maximize grant funding. Financial aid advocacy increases students' funding resources and improves financial literacy. We ensure our students entire time in college is fully funded. With financial aid advocacy, Future Sacramento is more effective in fully funding students' educations. Scholarship awardees have accepted approximately $1,600,000 in financial aid grants and other scholarships.

Financial-Need Scholarship

Starting the first year in college, we begin to provide financial-need scholarships. To administer scholarships, we work with each student to carefully determine financial need and calculate individualized award amounts. Scholarship amounts are verified annually and paid to the university each term. Administering the Future Sacramento scholarship involves a unique long-term connection with each scholarship recipient.


Future Sacramento provides consistent and renewable scholarship funding to meet the financial need of local students and their families. Students may renew the Future Sacramento scholarship for up to five years as they progress towards achieving an undergraduate, baccalaureate college degree. Students must meet three program requirements to earn and renew scholarship funding. These requirements include (1) mentoring program performance and participation, (2) academic dedication demonstrating college persistence, and (3) qualified financial need.
The Future Foundation of Sacramento, Inc. (Future Sacramento) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.