The organization incorporated with the state of California - as the Stan Atkinson Foundation. Mr. Atkinson was well known for his work as a local area television news anchor and personality.

The Foundation received tax-exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization from the Internal Revenue Service.

Stan Atkinson retired and Grant Napear, of the Sacramento Kings & KHTK Sports 1140 Radio, began hosting the "Fairway to the Future" golf tournament, he served as an active board member and volunteer mentor.

Took the name of the "Future Foundation of Sacramento"

The first group of students were accepted into the College Program.

The first Fabulous 500 Gala was held at the Willis Estate, formerly owned by Eddie Murphy.

The first class of four Future students entered college as first year freshman.

College program continues to grow annually, reaching full program size of two high school classes and five college classes.
Applicant outreach is enhanced across the county and gauges substantial local need for scholarship funding. Over 300 local 10th grade students (of the 430 student applications received) met all of the 5 basic criteria for our program, including significant financial need.

First recipient graduated from college! 20 financially-qualified students received college funding this academic year.

10th year of Grant Napear's "Fairway to the Future" golf tournament with record net proceeds raised.

Total of six Future Sacramento college graduates.

6th profile in Comstock's Region Care magazine, donated annually by Patrick Willis earned Future Sacramento a raffle prize win of $10,000!

"Fairway to the Future" golf tournament auction donor's stellar performance in the national Lexus Champions for Charity won Future Sacramento an additional $17,500 in charity prize money

First graduate degree is earned by a Future Sacramento graduate!
Total of 12 Future Sacramento college graduates.

Financial-Aid Advocacy program reaches $2,000,000 in other gift aid accepted by our scholarship recipients.

Future Sacramento student breaks record: Diana earned the highest GPA recorded by her school, Grant Union High School, which has an 80 year history. She is the first from her high school in more than 20 years to receive admission to a school as prestigious as her university of choice - Stanford University.

Total of 16 Future Sacramento college graduates from universities such as Sacramento Sate, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of Chicago, and New York University.

Historic school shutdown due to coronavirus outbreak - schools closed, but Future Sacramento remains open!

Class of 2020 make history!

Total of 21 Future Sacramento college graduates - adding degrees from UCLA, UC Irvine, and UC San Diego.