College Scholarship

Outline of the Comprehensive Application




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Phase 1 - Complete Comprehensive Application

  • Qualification self-check (be able to answer "yes" to all Qualification questions)
  • Recommendation - Send a request through the application. The recommender will receive an email asking him or her to fill out an online recommendation. A formal written letter of recommendation is NOT requested.
    • NOTE: Applicants submit the application with the email address of the selected person to give a recommendation. The response to the recommendation request will be accepted through March 29th.
  • High school transcript (upload file to application)
  • College Admission “A-G” Subject Requirements : 9th-12th Grade Worksheet (upload file to application)
  • Detailed questionnaire about :
    • High School Academics
    • Extracurricular and Community Involvement
    • College admission goals
    • College Planning & Admission Goals
    • Family Background - First Generation College Student
    • Family Financial Information
    • Financial Aid & Outreach Quiz
  • Essay section - short essay, 100-250 words

Phase 2 - Verification Documents ~By invitation only~

  • If selected the 2nd round of review, you must provide an IRS Tax Transcript - which is a report provided by the IRS of your most recent tax return.
    If selected, you will be asked to request an IRS Tax Transcript.

Phase 3 - In-person Interview ~By invitation only

  • If selected to move on to Phase 3, applicants will be contacted to set up an in-person interview. This would be a required appointment.

Phase 4 - Special Board Meeting ~By invitation only

  • If selected to move on to Phase 4, applicants will be contacted to attend a special board meeting. This would be a required appointment.

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