Applicant Eligibility

Who should apply?

Who should apply?

Academically strong 10th grade students who are motivated to work with a mentor and come from historically low-income families who lack the experience of a college education. We look for students who are determined to succeed in school and enter college. A strong candidate would be one who is a community contributor, shows leadership, and is proactive and articulate when advocating for self.

This is an acceleration program, not a remediation program.

Eligibility requirements

1. 10th grade students who are:
  • attending high school in Sacramento County.
  • progressing at grade level with A-G requirements
  • planning graduate high school ready for college admission
Learn about A-G high school coursework requirements

2. Students who plan to enter college immediately following high school graduation.
  • Scholarships only provided for enrollment in an accredited college that grants Baccalaureate degrees. (also known as a "4-year," Bachelors, B.A. or B.S. degree)

3. Low-income family
  • Financial need verification is required.
  • Family size and income are considered.
      • Family Size of 2, Maximum Income of $37,400
      • Family Size of 3, Maximum Income of $42,700
      • Family Size of 4, Maximum Income of $50,300
      • Family Size of 5, Maximum Income of $57,500
      • Family Size of 6, Maximum Income of $65,500
      • Family Size of 7, Maximum Income of $71,700
      • Family Size of 8, Maximum Income of $78,000

4. GPA of 3.0 or higher

5. Students who would be the first in their family to graduate college.
  • Neither parent may have graduated with a "four-year" baccalaureate degree
  • Other amounts of college without earning a degree would not disqualify a student.
  • Other family members or siblings attending or earning a degree would not disqualify a student.

  • Clarification: a 'first generation college student" would be a student who's parents did not earn a college degree. Our goal with this mission is to find students who have both a financial need and are without a family member to guide them on their path to reach and graduate college. A student's status as a "first-generation American" is not factor in our selection process.

6. Motivation to receive mentoring from a professional volunteer.