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10th Grade Applicants - High School Sophomores

Application opens February 19, 2018 | Deadline to submit application is March 22, 2018

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Overview of scholarship opportunity

Future Sacramento helps low-income 10th grade students become first-generation college graduates. Beyond a one-time gift for the first year of college - Future Sacramento is a robust five-year resource backed scholarship that creates a long-term connection with each scholarship recipient. We empower our students with necessary resources of long-term mentoring, customized awards, renewable funding and financial aid advocacy.

The recommendation response is not needed to submit the application. Applicants must enter the email address of the person who they want to provide a recommendation. 
Recommendation responses will be accepted through March 29th as stated in the request. The system will continue to accept recommendation responses after the application closes, on March 22nd. 
The recommender will receive an email asking him or her to fill out an online recommendation. A formal written letter of recommendation is NOT requested. This application does not accept uploaded letters of recommendation.

Who should apply?

Academically strong 10th grade students

from historically low-income families who lack the experience of a college education and are motivated to work with a mentor. We look for students who are in good standing with school administration and faculty, and are determined to succeed academically. A strong candidate would be one who is a community contributor, shows leadership, and is proactive and articulate when advocating for self.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 10th grade high school student
  • Plan to enter a baccalaureate (4-year) degree-granting college Fall of 2020
  • First Generation College Student
  • Will participate in the mentoring program
  • Demonstrated achievement in academics - High School GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Low-income families with high financial need for college.
  • Sacramento County or West Sacramento resident.