Even if a student possesses the academic potential for college and is aware that funding could exist to pay for college, the many hurdles of navigating the process of applying, enrolling and accessing funds can be the final obstacle that keeps students out of college.


We select students at the end of the 10th grade to eliminate the fear of not knowing how to pay for college. Removing this fear, encourages students to remain on their track to college admission. Our program has demonstrated that this yields the persistence and degrees we aim to see our students earn.

Our outreach to younger students aims to dispels the mystery about the high cost of college and inform young students that funding is available. We want these students to keep college as a goal - despite fears that they could never afford it. Students who learn that funding support for college may be available, may be more likely to work towards college admission by continuing to challenge themselves with rigorous coursework and aim to complete high school as a college-ready graduate.

We are inspired by our students' personal perseverance that they proactively employ as they aspire to achieve the goal of graduating college. Future Sacramento scholars are achieving dreams because of their unique qualities to overcome individual challenges and shared limitations, obstacles and struggles that they face due to their.
  • History of a low-income family
  • At-risk or less resourced high school campus and communities
  • Absence of a college-going community and role models
  • "First-generation college student" status once in college

    Future Sacramento has administered a college mentoring and scholarship program since 2007, therefore we know how to effectively fund students with financial need.

    We prudently award students with the funding that matches their financial need to cover their cost of college. Through financial aid advocacy, we support students in accepting all gift aid for which they are eligible, such as government grants and university scholarships.

    Our unique program services, especially our financial aid advocacy, fills in the gap between when high school counselors help students obtain admission to college and before students start their first day in college, fully enrolled and funded. The timeframe from May to August for high school seniors is crucial. For our first-generation, low-income students it can be an especially strange and daunting task to understand the financial aid process. The Future Sacramento program dispels the mystery and instills the confidence to continue towards the goal of a college degree.

    Annually, our program supports college students in renewing financial aid until they reach college graduation. Our scholarship awardees have additionally accepted approximately $1,700,000 in financial aid grants and other scholarships from 2010 to 2017.

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