Future Sacramento is more than a scholarship provider.

What we do:

Future Sacramento carefully selects 10th grade students from Sacramento area high schools who possess academic potential but lack both the financial means for a college education and college-graduate role model at home. Once enrolled in college, students may begin receiving scholarship funding for up to five years in college.

Our robust program supports students in accessing then navigating college and reaching graduation. We empower our students with a collection of mentoring, financial aid advocacy, customized scholarships, and renewable funding

Profile of a Future Sacramento scholarship recipient:

Future Sacramento supports high achieving, academically talented students from low-income backgrounds in realizing their dream of becoming the first in their families to graduate with a college baccalaureate (4-year) degree. We seek students who show significant potential but lack the financial ability to pay for their college education and do not have family members who can role model how to access and succeed in college.

Program goal:

The ultimate goal for our scholarship recipients goes beyond accessing college, we support students in persisting to college graduation and obtaining their college degree.